Dining with St Cloud Care

The dining experience at Homes within St Cloud Care are truly superb. Our highly skilled chefs use fresh ingredients to create a menu of delicious, nutritious food to suit all tastes and dietary requirements.

Our catering team consult with residents on a regular basis to ensure we understand food preferences, as well as individual nutritional requirements, and are able to ensure people with specific dietary needs have the correct foods offered to them. At St Cloud Care, all meals are freshly cooked and our extensive seasonal menu is altered regularly, ensuring our residents have a choice of tasty, nutritionally balanced healthy eating options.

The food is just one part of the eating experience. At St Cloud Care we know how important mealtimes are to our residents and the staff in our home are committed to making them an enjoyable part of each day. At mealtimes you can choose where you would like to eat. You decide whether you’d like to eat in your own room or with others in the shared dining space of your residence.

We understand the importance of ambience and ensure that our décor helps to stimulate appetitie and creates an enjoyable atmosphere. We also recognise that mealtimes are a great opportunity for social interaction and involvement. At St Cloud Care visitors are welcome at any time and can join you at mealtimes.  A delightful dining experience for everyone, ideal for get-togethers with other residents and guests.

There are also many opportunities for our residents to cook and prepare meals throughout The Homes at St Cloud Care, so that they can feel part of the running of their home and can carry their familiar activities.

Food is a major part of our sensory stimulation and can continue to bring satisfaction and pleasure when other sensory pleasures reduce.

At St Cloud Care we make sure that we:-

  • Promote mealtimes as pleasant and enjoyable
  • Understand people’s food and social likes
  • Find out personal eating and nutritional issues
  • Involve people in tasks linked to food and eating
  • Encourage eating and social involvement through physical design and décor