St Cloud and LRH Group News

2018 Update

St Cloud Care is now part of a larger Group which includes LRH-Homes (owned by the same shareholders) and we are benefiting from the accumulated knowhow of both groups. St Cloud Care and LRH-Homes have built solid reputations over more than 20 years of providing high quality care to its residents by creating strong teams in each of the homes and at the Central Support Office. As the Managing Director of the Group, I wish to continue to improve the operations and bring some of the experience, gained by Golden House Ltd over 30 years of operations on board. Our combined ethos is Care, Comfort, Compassion.

We are continuing to improve the facilities at the homes, whilst maintaining high care standards. We have Free Wi-Fi in all our homes and our care staff are using hand held devices to enable us to have more up to date information about the ever changing needs of our residents. We are focusing on providing a wide range of activities at the homes, we have our own minibuses in most of the homes and we are working with Oomph to create an enriching environment for all.

Our managers and their teams are waiting to show you around.

Yours sincerely,

Arnon Rubinstein Director St Cloud Care Limited and LRH-Homes